NTN 4-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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We offer premium cylindrical roller bearings under the NTN  brand names. Most NTN cylindrical roller bearings feature case-carburized components. Rings and rollers are made from case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” to provide superior fatigue life and reliability.Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are used almost exclusively for the roll necks of rolling mill stands, calenders and roller presses. Because they are normally mounted with an interference fit on the roll neck, four-row cylindrical roller bearings are well suited for rolling mill applications where the rolling.


Four-row cylindrical roller bearings Four row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used on metallurgical equipment as main roll bearings. Because of its compact structure, good rigidity and high bearing capacity, it is the most widely used rolling mill bearings. This type of bearing is unable to bear axial load.Four Row Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in the necks of rolling machine rollers – they are designed for maximum rated load to accommodate the severely limited space in the roller neck section of such equipment.